Extraordinary Communication


It’s small but mighty … yet not the mightiest by far!


Holding my ubiquitous little iPhone in my hand, it’s hard to remember the old days when people were smart and phones were dumb. But obviously some people were smart because they invented the ‘smart phone.’

Gone are the days when you would call your girl friend (VAnderbuilt 4-5221) and talk endlessly staring at the ceiling as your worlds meshed and your hearts built unbreakable connections. Ahh … still sweet memories.

Now the two of you are not confined to ceiling staring as your imaginations are free to open up to the person at the other end. Now you are free to stare at the tiny screen, play a fast moving game or grab the weather forecast or check yesterday’s scores … (sometimes momentarily forgetting who you are talking to!)

Our phones have enormous capabilities that this generation takes for granted but still amazes those of us whose fingers found the proper holes in the rotary dial contraptions to complete the call. No one button calling in the old days!

My iPhone tells me the weather in detail with radar infused maps showing when the rain will begin. I can use that same phone to see if the windowsill is level … can check the altitude of wherever I happen to be. I can order my Starbucks drink while driving to pick it up.

I can listen to any genre of music, watch my Seahawks game live, pour over thousands of personal pictures and send a message to hundreds of friends with the push of a button and have to attach nary a stamp to send it on its way.

But my smart phone can’t do everything. I can’t push one button to connect me to the President of the United States!

Unless he gives me his personal private number …

Now consider another amazing vehicle of communication. It’s called prayer. With it I connect immediately to the Creator of the world. I’m in touch with the One who doesn’t just forecast the weather but manages it. I can seek wisdom in a situation from the One who knows it all … seek strength from the One who is almighty … ask for companionship from the One who lives everywhere all the time.

I can make these calls at any time, in any set of circumstances, from anywhere and can talk for hours for no extra charges! This One with whom I converse can mend broken hearts, put broken relationships back together and allow me to be more honest and vulnerable than I can be with anyone else in this world.

And why am I able to make this extraordinary connection?

Because He gave me his own personal private number! Want it? Here it is: “Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3 NKJV



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  1. Cheryl Hoitink June 19, 2017 at 7:56 am Permalink

    Thanks for your preaching, it was so good to hear you preach yesterday. …more more more!!!! Come back again and do it soon. Loved the scripture references. ..was great. Will be praying that you will have more opportunities to preach out here regularly! !!

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