A Little More Bragging

We carry in our bodies some of the most bodacious creativity… something only God could pull off.

Let me brag on God one more time.

Your heart beat for the first time three weeks after conception…. And has done so 100,000 times every day since. (My heart has been carrying on its God’s given assignment for 28,914 days!)

It’s not a light load it performs. By the end of month two it was pumping 7 gallons of blood per day, compared to the two thousand it pumps every day now. But there’s more “oohing” called for.

Consider – at every heartbeat blood surges through the aortic valve, out the left ventricle at high speed and under great pressure. As the vessels get smaller the speed slows down dramatically. In the capillaries, it’s only wide enough for a single file of red blood cells and even they often must squeeze just to get through. The heart pumps blood throughout the body’s 60,000 miles of vessels (arteries, veins and capillaries.)

Are you “Ooohing”?

We should be left spell-bound, mind blown and stand shocked in awe at our Creator!

If God constructed this miracle of dependability and does His part in keeping it going throughout our lives, shouldn’t we slow down occasionally, put our hands over our hearts and say “Thank you God… You are more than amazing!”

Now let me share some information on our ears and our ability to hear. Just as the eye converts photons into electrical signals that be “seen” by our brain, our ears convert sound waves into electrical signals that can be “heard” by our brains.

Our eardrums and their components are so sensitive, that on a still night, you can hear the chirping of a cricket one and a half miles away. Our ears can hear an airplane flying above us and tell us which way to look to see it… all by analyzing the time difference in the noise reaching each of our ears.

Now, let’s add a couple of spiritual implications to the heart and ear. The heart represents the center of our lives. It holds our values and sets our directions. But while God controls our hearts in our chests, we control and adhere to our values and direction in life. Make sure your heart’s operating correctly.

And while God made the human ear, we can choose to reject his voice in our spiritual ears. Let’s make sure God has our hearts and our hearing to be used for his purposes and glory.

We have been “… fearfully and wonderfully made!” Psalm 139:14

 Thanks to my “Chief Director of Ooohing and Aaahing” Dr. Richard Swenson in his book More Than Meets The Eye from Navpress, Colorado Springs, CO

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