Looking For Time


         I hoped it would help me find more time!

Time is about more than a watch or a clock. It involves priorities, planning and perseverance. For instance, do any (or all) of these phrases describe a typical you on a typical day?

“I don’t have time … I could use a little more time … time is running out … how much time will it take? …

crunch time… you’re wasting my time … time is up … living on borrowed time … trying to make up for lost time …

in the nick of time (whew!) … hardly have time to breathe … time’s a-wastin’ …”

It makes you wonder what we’ve done with all the time our ‘labor saving’ inventions have given us. Things like (in the old days) having to boil water and now zapping it in the microwave; modern washing machines and dryers that cut the old time of washing, rinsing, ‘clothesline-ing’ and retrieving.

And our smart phone! Sure it saves us time, but not without first taking some of our time. As with other techno improvements in our lives, first we spent time researching it, learning to use it, accessorizing it, upgrading it, protecting it and starting all over again when we drop it in the toilet!

Let’s be honest. Most of us have no idea of where all of that time went that we have been given through ‘time saving’ additions to our lives.

Sometimes the only place we escape the phrases listed above is in Maui! There are some places where ‘island time’ does slow our world down and whatever is chasing us can’t figure out where we are.

But there are some other phrases that describe what we may be looking for. I like this list so much more!

“right on time … in the right place at the right time … time to catch our breath …

all in good time … ahead of time … had a nice time”

There’s another phrase from the Bible that is key here. “In the fullness of time” is used to describe the exact time when God’s purpose and plan comes together and is ready for revealing. This concept helps me slow down and realize that if God’s not involved, all my hustling and bustling probably won’t accomplish much.

This week, trade in the mad dash for the invitation from Jesus (who was never hurried or frustrated by time’s dictates): “Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace.” Matthew 11:29 The Message




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