The last song is over … the performer exits the stage and thinks they are finished … but the audience is not through. They remain standing, ‘ovating’ and whistling, strongly announcing their desire to hear more. And they get an ‘encore’ which simply means again, or some more. One of the longest encores in […]


5 Ways To Care-More, Not Care-Less

  In a world where civility (courtesy, respect and graciousness) is quickly exiting the stage of life – as people shout at each other rather than speak to each other – as the right of  personal expression drowns out the expression of anyone else – where the ability to ignore others quenches almost any attempt […]

Reckless giver

Reckless Love

  Is God’s love ‘reckless’ as songwriter Corey Asbury’s powerful worship song suggests? A key phrase from his popular song “Reckless” celebrates the ‘overwhelming, undeserving, reckless love of God.” Some struggle connecting the word ‘reckless’ with the character of God. To be true, a word with the dictionary meaning of: lack of proper caution : […]