God never promised that weapons would never be formed to use against us... He just said that none of them would prosper! THIS IS HIS BATTLE... STAND STILL AND WATCH HIM FIGHT.

It’s Not Your Fight!

It’s happened very quickly and being older gives better perspective to the changes. From Christianity in the United States having solid footing in the culture, it is now considered non-essential and even dangerous. National appreciation for the Word of God has turned into a banning and disrespectful despising of that Word. We’ve gone from people […]

You don't need extraordinary strength - you've got an extraordinary God. His strength is more than enough!

The ‘Lostsa People Syndrome’

  There is a bold, outright lie that many Christians believe and can affect the outcome of our present battle with evil’s attempt to destroy our world. Here it is: “If we don’t represent an overwhelming majority, we can’t make a difference. We must have consensus!”  It’s called the ‘Lotsa People Syndrome.’ It denigrates the […]