Catching God's heart is vital to knowing his will for your life. Seek after His heart with all your energy.

False Statements

  “Conventional Wisdom”  #1 “Stand still and don’t move. Maybe God won’t notice you!” #2 “Jesus is coming… look busy!” Both statements are embarrassingly stupid for Christians. We’ve talked for five weeks about the dream in God’s heart that’s been built into each believer. It’s in our DNA… detailed instructions for our lives. Our dreams […]

God wants to fulfill his dreams for our world. Guess what? He has put dreams in you that will help his dream materialize.

It’s Now Time To Obey

    God is brooding over the empty void and darkness of our world today… but the brooding will bring about the greatest spiritual revolution ever witnessed. People who have sat in (and contributed to) this present darkness will see a Great Light… the heart of God traveling in their direction at the speed of […]

You have an important and vital part in God moving into your world. Yes... you!

Getting In On The Action

    Jesus is coming soon. We all agree and all anticipate it with joy (and relief). But until He does… we will witness a massive moving of his Spirit that will welcome multitudes into God’s Kingdom… almost too many to count. There are three distinct views of this last sentence among Christians: “I don’t […]