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Once you release words, they move into action in the lives of those who just heard them. Be careful...

Did I Say That?!!?

Your tongue is writing the script for your future! According to James (chapter three) the tongue is more useful than sticking out at someone you don’t like! Obviously, we are talking about more than the tongue – we’re talking about the words that fly out in anger, slide out without filtering and even mumble out […]

Doubting is not the native soil of the Christian... we are created to live in faith. God wants you to view the future through his eyes!

I Believe!

  What intriguing times we live in! The last year has been confusing, contradictory, convoluted and decidedly constrictive! Very little of it has been comforting, conciliatory, calm or convincing. We’ve been left with deep emotional pockets of frustrating and fuming. But that’s only part of the picture. Against this dark backdrop stands One who walks […]