Archive | March, 2022

God is concerned with all the 'stuff' that clogs our lives. He's the only One who can address every issue.

Lots Of Stuff – Only One God!

    Oh, the stuff accumulating in our lives. Stuff that wearies us, confuses us, frightens us and lays claim to more of our sanity and time than it has the right to. Stuff like sickness, doctor’s visits, flu and covid vaccines, slowing steps as we age, worry over other’s health, sick days and eating […]

Your present suffering can move you into God's next steps for your life.

Freed To Bring Freedom To Others

  “Satan has desired to have you…” Luke 22:31 KJV  This verse shouldn’t surprise any of us who follow Jesus. Satan despises all who have put their trust in the work of the cross. He loathes us, tries to diminish us in the eyes of those around us, yet, in reality, doesn’t have what it […]

There's a Lion in you. Quit backing up from the spiritual battle. We win through obedience to the Lion!

It’s ‘Digging In’ Time

  After boldly facing down 850 prophets of Baal and Asherah on Mt Carmel, calling down divine fire from heaven and having the false prophets put to death… Elijah had one more task, proclaiming the return of rain after almost three years of God-inflicted drought. You’d think he’d be higher than a kite, at least […]