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Is It Time To Pray Now?

A Blog for Parents   Two vital questions for parents: Do you pray daily for your children? What do you pray when you pray? Parenting carries multiple responsibilities. We are to love, care for, provide for, guide, encourage, set boundaries, teach personal responsibility and pass on our faith. Not an easy agenda in the best […]

Spotlight on Jesus

The Cast of Christmas

Keep the spotlight on the central figure The stage is crowded with the cast of Christmas.  There’s Clarence earning his wings … Charlie Brown and his single-ornament needle-less tree … Frosty being chased through town by local law enforcement … Ebenezer Scrooge turning his life around … George Bailey and his Christmas bailout … Rudolph […]

But wait!

But Wait … There’s More!

But wait … there’s more! Who hasn’t seen it. While yawning your way through one of your favorite Christmas movie reruns a smiling, energetic man in a chef’s hat appears. And has he got a deal for you! It begins with a Watzui titanium kitchen knife with jewel-encased handle studded with tanzanite chips. He demonstrates […]