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God is not hesitant to step into your crisis. He's a Master at showing you a way out!

God Shares Your Crisis

  Since the world-transforming virus first appeared over the horizon, things have gotten absolutely and breathtakingly crazy! It has ushered in changes in most areas of our lives. We’ve worn masks, quit talking to each other, become suspicious of any news we hear. There has been an elevation of wickedness, hateful acts done without apparent […]

Satan is not a better strategist than God. The battle belongs to the Lord!

It’s Not Obvious, But It Is Real

  Ever felt like there’s a bullseye on the front and back of your shirt and Satan is holding the bow and arrows? While the media and many politicians are busy switching price tags… claiming that wrong is now right and right is absolutely wrong – claiming it’s illegal to kill an endangered animal while […]

Getting mad at the devil is not nearly enough. We must engage him as warriors of the Most High God!

God – our Victory

  I was asked once, “What’s the loudest voice in your life right now?” I could answer it this way: It’s the cacophony of a massive orchestra featuring blaring trumpets of lawlessness, screeching violins of differing opinions, the tubas blasting out anarchy and rebellion, the quiet clarinets feeding false information and the devil banging and […]

Look behind you... see those two? God sent them to accompany you all through life's journey!

God – our Mercy and Grace

      Mercy comes to us when we need forgiveness and can’t pay for it. As the songwriter reminded, God’s grace is amazing! It’s a gift we don’t deserve but desperately need. We absolutely cannot save ourselves from the penalty of our sinful lives, but God’s mercy covers those sins and welcomes us into […]

At the cross, God and I both received something we didn't deserve. He got my sin... I got his righteousness!

God – our Holiness

You’ve heard religious leaders called “Your holiness.” But when we address our Heavenly Father we call Him “our holiness.” Even if that earthly leader is holy, he has no way of making us holy. We live in a polluted world filled with alluring voices issuing calls to leave moral standards behind and join with others […]

God's glory and purposes are often hidden in the storms of our lives. It's there... look for it!

Look For the Glory!

  “Jesus said, “You’re asking the wrong question. You’re looking for someone to blame. There is no such cause-effect here. Look instead for what God can do.” John 9:2,3 MSG  We love ‘cause and effect’ answers to our questions. There are always people and ideas to blame when our lives are disheveled and out of […]