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Jesus walks on the storms that frighten us. He's a present help in time of trouble.

He Walks On What Frightens You

  “The voice of the Lord is over the waters; the God of glory thunders, the Lord thunders over the mighty waters.” Psalm 29:3 NIV   It was a storm, but they had been in storms before. They had crossed the Sea of Galilee before. It was uncomfortable being tossed by the waves, straining at the oars and still only […]

Don't just say it. Believe it and live it. Either God is trustworthy or He is not.

No Middle Ground!

  “The one thing I want from God, the thing I seek most of all, is the privilege of meditating  in his Temple, living in his presence every day of my life, delighting in his incomparable perfections and glory.  There I’ll be when troubles come.” Psalm 27:4,5 TLB  This will be a bit longer than usual. […]

Don't go to any meeting hosting Jesus ... without meeting Him personally!

Creating An Event With Jesus

“Mary took a twelve-ounce jar of expensive perfume made from essence of nard, and she anointed Jesus’ feet with it, wiping his feet with her hair. The house was filled with the fragrance.” John 12:3 NLT  I’ve attended a lot of events my life. Probably over 15,000 religious events – Sunday services, youth services, midweek services […]