Archive | November, 2021

God is not hesitant to step into your crisis. He's a Master at showing you a way out!

God Shares Your Crisis

  Since the world-transforming virus first appeared over the horizon, things have gotten absolutely and breathtakingly crazy! It has ushered in changes in most areas of our lives. We’ve worn masks, quit talking to each other, become suspicious of any news we hear. There has been an elevation of wickedness, hateful acts done without apparent […]

Satan is not a better strategist than God. The battle belongs to the Lord!

It’s Not Obvious, But It Is Real

  Ever felt like there’s a bullseye on the front and back of your shirt and Satan is holding the bow and arrows? While the media and many politicians are busy switching price tags… claiming that wrong is now right and right is absolutely wrong – claiming it’s illegal to kill an endangered animal while […]