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God's Good 'Suddenlies'

God’s Good ‘Suddenlies’

  God can and does move quickly when it suits his divine purposes. Some things take time … others don’t have time to resolve themselves. God’s watch shows only one time – ‘the fullness of time.’ That’s the time when everything is in the right place at precisely the opportune time for God’s plan to […]

God can get good things to you (like blessings, promises, defenses and wonderful surprises) very quickly!

God’s ‘Suddenlies’

  In a previous devotional entitled “Microwave Christians and a Crockpot God” I lamented that God seldom moves as quickly as we like and as we do. “Why can’t He keep up?” Indeed. However, once we’ve determined that God’s timetable is actually better than our own, we can turn to the other side of God’s […]