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If God said it, we can count on it!

He’s Going To Do It!

  A kindergarten teacher gave her students the first half of a famous ‘proverb’ and asked them to fill in its ending. For “It’s always darkest before….” a student concluded with ‘daylight savings time.” I’m kind of hoping that next month’s change of time can get rid of much of the intense darkness in our […]

Answering Jesus' Questions - Part 8 (final part)

Answering Jesus’ Questions – Part 8 (final part)

  We have written about seven questions that Jesus asked during his earthly ministry. They were important, probing questions that need to be answered because our answers to them tell a great deal about ourselves and our relationship with Jesus. But the seven are only the tip of the iceberg. There are many more, but […]

Answering Jesus' Questions - Part 7

Answering Jesus’ Questions – Part 7

  “Jesus asked him,’ What is your name?’ ‘Mob. My name is Mob,’ he said, because many demons afflicted him.” Luke 8:30 MSG I have kiddingly made the statement “It’s a good thing my parents named me Paul, because that’s what everyone has always called me!” But my parents didn’t name me Paul because they […]