Oops … correction needed!

My motivational gifting is that of an ‘exhorter.’ As such my primary objective is to convey spiritual truth in a way that makes sense. Accuracy is also part of my goal each week.

Well, this week it wasn’t just the slip of my computer keyboard, but a slip of my mind. I muddled enough Scriptural history to give you students of the Word a migraine. Contrary to what I wrote, Solomon never had a grandfather named Saul. What he had in Saul was a predecessor (twice removed) named Saul.

The lesson I was attempting to give is still valid even though I unintentionally messed with Bible history. I never want to become like a friend of mine, with the same leaning in the direction of exhortation and encouragement. After telling a story and admitting that it didn’t exactly happen that way  he replied, “Well at least it made a compelling story!”

We don’t have to embellish God’s Word to give it more power. We just need to allow it to do its job. To that end I continue to commit myself.

And offer my apology for confusing some of you …

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