Beating the System

Beating the system seems fairly innocent, but everyone loses in the process. And for sure don’t try it with God!


Beating the system!

Sounds kind of exciting, doesn’t it? Some have gotten very good at it.

Some will buy a movie ticket, then spend the entire day going from movie to movie. SYSTEM BEATEN! Others borrow a disabled parking sign and use it shopping to get parking spaces near every storefront. SYSTEM BEATEN!

There are people who know how to get dishonest discounts, get in on veteran benefits illegally. There may be a slight “I know” sheepish kind of smile as if what they’re doing hurts few people and therefore is perfectly acceptable behavior. But beating the system does end up hurting other people and adds cost to many things shoppers buy.

And there are those who attempt to beat God’s systems.

He says “Don’t” and they counter with “just a little.” He tells us to love, accept and ‘bury the hatchet’ and they decide there are some who they just won’t forgive … ever. There are folks who cheat on their income tax when God says to give Caesar what belongs to him. Their retort? The government has enough and it doesn’t use what it has in ways that please me.

But when God sets a standard and establishes the system that runs his Kingdom, it’s a system that can’t be beaten for long. He keeps watch and meticulous records and will balance the books at some time.

We watch deadbeats receive their ‘instant karma’ when we observe them beating the traffic by passing on the shoulder … then see them pulled over just down the road. That satisfies us. And yet there is a bit of ‘beating the system’ that all of us fight.

Remember, God’s rules are for the good of everyone and it’s always worth the wait to take an inconvenience patiently … to do good when doing otherwise would be so easy … when we want to take a shortcut through someone else’s life.

God will reward patient and obedient ‘system followers.’


“Whoever walks in integrity walks securely,
but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.”

Proverbs 10:9 (NIV)

 “Good men will be rescued from harm, but cheaters will be destroyed.”

Proverbs 28:18 (TLB)






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