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You can trust our Conductor to bring us in ‘on time’ every time!


Over the years, Joanie and I have been able to hear many choirs that our two sons have conducted. Both exercise skills and musical knowledge that still astound us. However, we have never had the privilege of singing in one of their choirs… until this year.

Wes is directing the choir in their Christmas presentation at the church we both attend at this time. We jumped at the chance to sit and stand and sing under his direction.

It hasn’t been easy!

Neither one of us have had to read music for decades. Old skills have tipped over and apparently died! And with five short rehearsals before we stand and share our combined skills, we must memorize six of the rather difficult arrangements of the powerful musical message we are to convey to those assembled.

Did you notice the word ‘memorize?’ So we’ve been concentrating on the words and notes and the timing route they are to take. (People singing the right words at the wrong time do not allow for any semblance of understanding to take place!)

In our devotional time this morning, Joanie mentioned that she is going to know the words and the alto line throughout, but for timing was going to keep her attention on the director. She and I both know that he has the ability to bring us and everyone else ‘in’ at the perfect time. How he keeps all four parts (six in certain places) coming in a different times would be impossible for most of us.

Wes and Dave know how to do it and their choirs appreciate that ability they possess.

It’s kind of like being led by the Spirit of God. I like God’s offer to His people going through tough times : I’ll be right there to show them what roads to take, make sure they don’t fall into the ditch.” Isaiah 42:16 MSG  I don’t want to ‘fall in the ditch’ with the songs of Christmas on my lips!

If you really want to sing in God’s choir and proclaim Him to unbelievers and aren’t sure when ‘to come in,’ here are a couple more verses for you.

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;”

Psalm 32:8 AMP

 “Lord, show me your ways. Teach me how to follow you.”

Psalms 25:4 NIRV

When you know it’s time for your part, throw your head back and sing!

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