Just Teasing?


God’s promises are always worth waiting for!


The promises God makes are absolutely worthy of our complete trust. We know this deep in our hearts, but we sometimes question them in our minds.

The distance between our ‘soul’ and ‘spirit’ is often vast. Our souls control our mind, will and emotions. You could say that it’s our self-consciousness and uses our sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch for directions. The Spirit part runs far deeper and the part of us that connects us to God and His promises to us.

Our ability to hear God and believe what He has said, cannot get along on just the information of our five senses. There must be a ‘knowing’ that comes from a deeper source. And because of this, we can understand why God’s promises appear ‘not to be coming!’

Our ancient father Abraham must have struggled with this in a colossal way. God told him that he would father a vast multitude of descendants in time. But the timing would be hard for anyone to handle.

Look at God’s promise: “And the LORD took him outside and said, “Now look to the heavens and count the stars, if you are able.” Then He told him, “So shall your offspring be.” Genesis 15:5 ESV And on at least one other occasion God said this to him after finding Abraham willing to sacrifice his son on the altar: “And I’ll make sure that your children flourish—like stars in the sky! like sand on the beaches!” Genesis 22:7 MSG 

The challenge for us? We must keep the promises alive when the answer doesn’t come right away. Abraham waited for the first bit of evidence for 25 years! Incredible!

When God takes you outside to look up at the stars and reminds you of His promise, don’t allow doubt to make you roll your eyes. He’s not doing it to tease you. He’s building strong faith in you and getting you to the point where while you wait and look skyward and wonder… you still believe that as you wait, something very special is happening!

Here’s God’s parting Word to keep us hanging on to His promises:

“And let us not lose heart and grow weary and faint in acting nobly and doing right, for in due time and at the appointed season we shall reap, if we do not loosen and relax our courage and faint.” Galatians 6:9 AMPC

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