A New Website Awaits!

Good morning!

This is not a “Fresh Heart For a New Week.” This is simply an explanation of the new format  you have now received for two weeks.

As I previously forewarned you (smile) … I now have a new website: freshheartministries.org and your weekly devotions from me are coming from that site and in a new format. 

You do not need to view the website to continue receiving Fresh Heart For a New Week, but you may wish to. In addition to the blog you receive now, there are three additional ones that you can check out.

I will periodically be writing a blog on family life, (Family by the Book) covering everything from Mom and Dad’s relationship  … to parenting … to tips for having fun being a family. Nothing deep and theological, just enough to get you thinking.

There is also a blog on prayer. Someone has said that when we all get to heaven, we’re all going to be embarrassed by how little we prayed and what could have happened had we prayed. With over thirty years of teaching on prayer, I just may have something to say that will get you over the hump and on the road to satisfying and meaningful prayer.

There is one additional blog offered and it is specifically for pastors. It’s called “60 Seconds of Pastoral Pondering”. My Dad was a pastor and I have now followed in his footsteps for over 45 years. I love pastors and the calling they have received. I’d love to help, encourage, inspire and challenge them through this blog.

When you visit the website, you will be able to choose which of these four blogs you wish to receive. Then, when one is published you will immediately receive it the same way you now receive the Fresh Heart messages.

So please visit Fresh Heart Ministries brand new site and let’s get better acquainted!


And keep experiencing joy on your journey!



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