Smart Phones?

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Smart, but not that smart!

They’re called ‘smart phones’ for a reason. At the App Store (where my phone loves to shop) there are now over one million ‘smart phone’ applications available to download. The big drawback of course, is that any smart phone requires someone with an IQ higher than a bowling ball to take advantage of its many possibilities.

I’m working on that.

The dizzying array of features almost deaden our senses. Beginning with its most basic ability … that of letting you reach out and touch someone within seconds of deciding to do so would have blown my grandparents away! And that someone could be in Tucson, Istanbul, Cape Town or Nome. The satellite linkage will connect you.

And if that’s not enough, my phone can tell me how soon the rain will start, the fair market price of the home next to mine and the cost of a gallon of Arco fuel six states away. It will allow me to follow my favorite sports team minute by minute and to get a complete rundown of results after the ref’s last whistle has blown.

The built-in camera exceeds the specs of great and expensive cameras decades ago. With available ‘cloud’ shelving, I can store a library’s worth of reading material at have at my fingertips. The radio can allow me to choose my individual genre from Hip Hop to more esoteric stations like “Polka music for left-handed Scandinavians.”

I’m getting faint-headed just bragging about my smart phone.

However, with all its potential … with its apparent limitless ability to do everything and anything … there is one feature it does not have. It is unable to put a call through directly to the President!

I have lived under every president from Franklin Delano Roosevelt to our current president. And since I’ve been old enough to know what’s going on (or should be going on) I’ve wanted to be able to touch base with them personally and reason with them. Whether Democrat or Republican, they could all benefit from my perspective from time to time.

My smart phone can’t do that.

But I do have God’s personal number! You know, the one that goes directly through with no intermediaries, call centers or recordings asking me to leave my name and number and a brief message as to why I’m calling. His personal number? Jeremiah 33:3 (“Call to me and I will answer you. I’ll tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own.” The Message)

 My iPhone isn’t so smart after all!



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