His Breath – My Lungs


It’s your breath, but it came from Him!

“I bless God every chance I get; my lungs expand with his praise.”

Psalm 34:1 The Message

In our worship time Sunday we sang the following words: “It’s your breath in our lungs. So we pour out our praise to you, Lord.”

It’s a song about God’s gift and our choice as to what we do with it.

He gives us breath where it takes up momentary residence in our lungs. That breath is a gift from God. Now we determine how we’ll use it! In the exhaling of that breath we can bless the Creator or choose to disappoint Him in our whining, grumbling, cursing or by apathetic and selfish silence.

God could have arranged it differently. He could have outfitted each of us with an electrical tinge unit that when activated by a button He pushed, set up a pre-recorded message of praise that really came from Him – even though the sound would be coming from our lips.

But that wouldn’t satisfy God’s great heart. To have his creation without choice – whose worship would be involuntary and mass-produced was not what He planned. If in my marriage I have to script Joanie to tell me she loves me, it’s a hollow affirmation to be sure.

God would find little satisfaction in that arrangement and so would I.

It’s a privilege to worship the King by choice and with grateful heart and I don’t want to give up that honor to anyone or anything. When the Pharisees told Jesus to quiet his followers from their exuberant adoration, He told them: “If they keep quiet, the stones along the road will burst into cheers!” Luke 19:40 Living Bible

Praise should pour out of my life at all times, in all circumstances. It should be like an eight track tape of thanksgiving, adoration and exaltation running in a continuous loop. At any point of my day or night, someone should be able to simply turn the volume up and out it would come!

God’s done enough in my life … has regularly amazed me … has been there for me in all situations – that I can record my own tape. His breath comes in and my joyful response flows out. That’s the way this week is going to be.


“I will tell everyone how great and good you are; I will praise you all day long.”

Psalm 35:28 Living Bible

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