Trusting God In The Details – Part 2




Details are important to God. He doesn’t sweat the small stuff but He doesn’t ignore it either.

The Lord directs the steps of the godly.
He delights in every detail of their lives.”

Psalm 37:23  (NLT)


  • We never need to ‘call God’s attention’ to anything in our lives.
  • We aren’t required to ‘bring God up to speed’ about our needs.
  • God doesn’t ‘round up’ the balance in our checkbook. He’s aware to the penny.
  • He doesn’t have a wall of monitors where He follows the news from the world’s network outlets.
  • He knows the lonely ache of a missionary for his child in boarding school far away … He’s aware of the hidden delight of someone’s grateful heart … He really does notice a baby sparrow fall from its nest. He notices everything!

God isn’t into generalities. He doesn’t deal with mankind as ethnic groups or people from a particular city or region. When Jesus came down from heaven to die, He didn’t die for a group … He died for each person.

God can use a bullhorn for a multitude, but loves to whisper to a single person. His voice can break the cedar trees (Psalm 29:5) but He delights in the intimacy of a face-to-face encounter.

I am not overlooking the fact that God sees the ‘big picture’ in its totality, but we must never forget he is aware of the smallest detail of our lives at the same time. He can pick you out of a crowd with ease!

As stated last week, we can trust God because He loves us ferociously, yet that massive love is backed up by his attention to the details of our lives. The Psalmist couldn’t have been clearer than in the verse above. It’s not just the entirety of the journey that He guides us on, but each step we take along the way.

And lest you begin to feel bad on God’s behalf … having to concentrate on the minutiae of all of us, remember, if we are his kids (the godly) he takes great delight in those details.

This week, trust God for the details and in the details of your life. Hold nothing back. You may wear me out with a litany of the particulars of your life, but you’ll never bore God with them.

By the way, there is no indication in Scripture that God cares about the condition or amount of the hair on your head, but it says volumes that He knows exactly how many are up there! (LUKE 12:7)


Next week: Trusting God’s delays






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