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God's glory and purposes are often hidden in the storms of our lives. It's there... look for it!

Look For the Glory!

  “Jesus said, “You’re asking the wrong question. You’re looking for someone to blame. There is no such cause-effect here. Look instead for what God can do.” John 9:2,3 MSG  We love ‘cause and effect’ answers to our questions. There are always people and ideas to blame when our lives are disheveled and out of […]

You don't need extraordinary strength - you've got an extraordinary God. His strength is more than enough!

The ‘Lostsa People Syndrome’

  There is a bold, outright lie that many Christians believe and can affect the outcome of our present battle with evil’s attempt to destroy our world. Here it is: “If we don’t represent an overwhelming majority, we can’t make a difference. We must have consensus!”  It’s called the ‘Lotsa People Syndrome.’ It denigrates the […]

It's no harder for God to do the miraculous as it would be for a bass drummer to play Brahm's Lullaby on his drum.

A Lullaby On A Bass Drum?

  Could God play “Brahms’s Lullaby” using just a bass drum? There are times in our lives when we need to ask ourselves preposterous questions about our God. Scripture requires it. If God is able to “[carry out His purpose and] do superabundantly more than all that we dare ask or think [infinitely beyond our […]