God’s Generosity and Imagination


A rainbow should give us a clue about God’s generosity and imagination. He’s amazing!

Imagine living in a world created by a god with no imagination and who was incredibly stingy with the tools at his disposal. Just imagine!

We’d have one season in a year with temperatures never straying more than two degrees from 58 Fahrenheit. All dogs would be a neutral color, weighing 35 pounds, and none of whom would possess any ability to show love.

If he gave us flowers, there would be only one specie created in only one off-white color. And there would be several flower beds scattered throughout the nations of the world. The sun wouldn’t barely keep us warm, would not inspire or affect our emotions; and the moon would be pathetic looking.

He would have given each of us a token amount of emotions and we would all run cold, not warm. Food would be simple, boring but nutritious enough to give us the strength we would need to work. And our work, our personalities, our passions (tightly controlled) would all be amazingly alike.

Enough of this. Ready to celebrate the real Creator?

He’s the God of light … astounding light in millions of shades. He blows us away periodically with his rainbows after rainfall. And speaking of colors, what about the flowers that come from his creativity? Is He stingy with them? Not in your life. He plants his California poppies in such abundance that they can be seen from the International Space Station!

And his created beings run the gamut in every area of comparison. Tall, short, thin, heavy, boisterous, quiet and timid. There are introverts, extroverts, self-assured and ponderers. Some cut a wide and noisy swath through life while others glide past us with hardly a whisper.

He made people who love cold weather and want to tackle hardships, and those who would prefer island living, wearing flip flops and bathing suits 24/7.

He gave us the ability to cry and laugh … to have great courage, yet have great trust in his amazing friendship.

The next time you want to celebrate your Creator adequately … take some time to thank him for being so utterly generous with his gifts and for having the most astounding imagination at his disposal. Worship him with the powerful gifts He has given to you.

“But whatever is good and perfect comes to us from God, the Creator of all light,

and he shines forever without change or shadow.” James 1:17 TLB


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