No Reception?

A change in the reception brought about a new normal I could get used to.


It was a great wedding!

Joanie and I drove down to Southern California and didn’t drive the 1400 miles in one day! We tried something civilized and stopped to spend the night in Utah. That for us is a vast improvement in taking care of ourselves.

The rehearsal and dinner at a steak house gave both groom’s and bride’s families time to get better acquainted and enjoy a couple hours of relaxation from our travels and preparation.

I got to be the ‘knot tie-er’ and the couple consisted of my oldest grandson and our newly arriving granddaughter. Their unquestioned love for the Lord and their obvious and growing love for each other set a great atmosphere for the event.

God graciously attended… I’m sure angels were either cheering or crying as we pronounced them as husband and wife.

But this was a November 2020 wedding, held in Southern California so with the latest lockdown, obviously a Covid wedding.

That meant there were chairs set up only for people attending. The video equipment would send the video stream to those unable to attend in person. Masks were worn during the set up and rehearsal. But the biggest difference was the reception (or the lack thereof)! We didn’t have one.

Instead, at the end of the ceremony I instructed those gathered that the wedding pictures would be taken and that all would be welcome to stay. So, for the next block of time everyone stood around (fellowshipping) while the photographer put the pictures together that the bridal party needed.

As some came forward for their time before the camera, others came down and joined in the casual fellowship. It was wonderful. We got to know total strangers well enough to feel comfortable with them

And the cake, punch and mixed nuts? Didn’t have any… except for a small store bought two layered cake for the couple to cut for the pictures. As the couple drove away, we all waved and lingered briefly. But we lingered long enough to agree that a Covid wedding without a lot of what we normally expect, was far more than we had expected and we all went away satisfied.

So what spiritual implication did I take away from yesterday’s wedding?

Where there is love and the celebration of love, there is always a chance to find God’s blessing and a wonderful scenic byroad lined with new friends and beautiful scenery that we miss when only traveling on the superhighway of normalcy.

Don’t complain about disruptions… look for God in them.

“A man’s mind plans his way [as he journeys through life],

But the Lord directs his steps and establishes them.”

 Proverbs 16:9 AMP

Fresh Heart For A New Day – Volume 2 should be ready for ordering in another week or two. Keep your eyes open for further instructions.


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