Samson’s Hair

Lord, bring back the power to your people!


What confusing and contradictory times!

The only thing about the last eight months that we all agree on – is that there is a virus and it’s here (and everywhere!)

Aside from that there is disagreement about how lethal it is… a vicious killer, or only slightly more problematic than the flu? We disagree on how it spreads, the value of masks, how long it will be with us. Half the country appears terrified while the other half shuns masks and scoffs at its danger.

And most maddening is that all positions can evidently be proven beyond a doubt by scientific data. It is most astounding that both sides of the issue can find sufficient rationale for believing and behaving as they do.

And then there’s the Church!

We previously took sides over things like being eternally secure or being eternally insecure… are tongues for today… does God like drums and guitars in worship services. Those seem so benign to what is now dividing Christ’s Body.

Is the Body of Christ wrecked? Have we derailed? Have we lost what we are supposed to possess? How can we shed religious behavior that does us little good, and grasp with intensity those things that God knows we desperately need at this critical time in history?

I believe God has been working in our hearts as we have been navigating these strange times.

In Judges chapters 14-16 we are introduced to a very unusual prophet of God named Samson. Earmarked from his birth to be a champion against the wickedness of his day, God declared that his hair wasn’t to be cut… a natural sign of a supernatural relationship he had with God.

Samson’s loose living eventually took him out of the role of deliverer as he revealed the secret of his God-given strength. Captured by the Philistines he was blinded and imprisoned where he spent his days and hours grinding grain.

But something was happening that the Philistines didn’t notice: “… before long his hair began to grow again.” Judges 16:22 TLB There came a national festival when he was brought out to be ridiculed for his lack of strength. And on that day, he killed more Philistines than all he had killed previously.

The Godless culture around us has divided us, intimidated us and marginalized us to where they feel little danger of push back from us. They may have seriously underestimated what God’s been doing in his Church and how He plans to use us in the days ahead. But while they’ve been oblivious to God’s dealing with his Church… our hair has begun to grow again!

The battle is far from over.

“For the battle is the Lord’s…”    I Samuel 17:47 ESV

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