Heart to Heart

God wants to be more than Savior, Helper, Direction Provider… He longs to be your Friend!


I met Jesus personally in 1948.

He was my Savior first. I understood his dying on the cross for my sins (I didn’t have many serious ones at that time!) At five years of age, my pastor-Dad  baptized me in water after holding me up so people actually believed there was someone in the tank with him.

Later in life I met Jesus as my Healer when my serious heart murmur was instantly healed in front of four cardiologists including the head heart surgeon at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. It was a healing that has lasted for 68 years.

As a teenager I met Him as a Teacher and Coach… a Mentor of sorts to help me through the turbulent years of early maturity. He was a Protector in many dangerous situations.

Although I have loved Him since a child, I began some time ago to want to know Him as a close, personal Friend. Prayer times led into intercessory assignments which I took on as part of my desired duty for the Kingdom and still fulfill daily.

My quest longs for a Friend who speaks easily and freely with me every day. I don’t want to neglect my spiritual tasks, but want them to come from the burden He labels as ‘light.’ (Matthew 11:34 KJV) I don’t want to be a freeloader sitting around doing little. I want to stay busy, yet know that his presence in my life will turn the ‘works of my hands’ into the ‘works of my heart.’

I also realize that ministry birthed in my life has to come from not only his agenda, but also from his heart. I long for Him to lead me ‘from his heart to my heart.’ That has to be the way for my work, agendas, plans and schedules all coming under the ‘light burden’ He desires to place on me.

Daniel 11:32 that states that the people who “know their God shall be strong (firm and durable) and do exploits (bold deeds and daring actions!”) That’s the output I desire.

But how do I get there? The answer is that we must “know” God. And that word in the Hebrew (“Yada”) takes on another meaning than that of a casual acquaintance with someone. It’s the same Hebrew word used in Genesis 4:1 when it says that “Adam knew Eve and she conceived and bore a son.” KJV

 May God give us hearts that love his intimate company and companionship. May He become more than our Boss… may He truly become our Father!

“See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called

 children of God;” I John 3:1 ESV

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