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God's Voice

Trust God’s Keeping Power

  I believe the moral calamity in America and those permitting it and strengthening it seems hopeless – but I also believe that the growing breath of God’s revival fires flaring throughout our country are real. I view them not as contradictory but as counter-parts to each other. Both will be pulling in opposite directions. […]

Nothing upsets a cemetery more than a resurrection!

Embracing Revival

And Jesus’ resurrection started it! At his death at the moment the temple’s veil was violently split apart, many nearby graves were opened and “many of the holy ones who had died were brought back to life and came out of their graves.” (Matthew 27:53,54) And after Jesus’ resurrection, they entered Jerusalem to validate the […]

You have an important and vital part in God moving into your world. Yes... you!

Getting In On The Action

    Jesus is coming soon. We all agree and all anticipate it with joy (and relief). But until He does… we will witness a massive moving of his Spirit that will welcome multitudes into God’s Kingdom… almost too many to count. There are three distinct views of this last sentence among Christians: “I don’t […]

If God said it, we can count on it!

He’s Going To Do It!

  A kindergarten teacher gave her students the first half of a famous ‘proverb’ and asked them to fill in its ending. For “It’s always darkest before….” a student concluded with ‘daylight savings time.” I’m kind of hoping that next month’s change of time can get rid of much of the intense darkness in our […]

God wants to visit and change our world... but He wants our cooperation in the process.

Don’t Sabotage Revival

  Surely you’ve heard it by now – the spiritual forecast, increasing prophesies and new awareness that God is preparing to visit this planet in a powerful way. It’s called ‘revival’ and it’s been on the prayer lists of hundreds of millions for many decades. It comes when we believe and take God at his […]