When God Arrives

A Fresh Heart ‘Classical’ devotional from September 25, 2016 – We need to be reminded!
God's arrival

God’s coming and you should see what He’s bringing with him!


When God arrives … Light bursts in – darkness takes a hike.

When God arrives … Hope springs up – despondency gets its pink slip.

When God arrives … Joy returns – sadness leaves town.

When God arrives … Peace reigns – turmoil abdicates the throne.

When God arrives … Wisdom is in the house – foolishness slinks away.

When God arrives … Truth is on the scene – lies don’t work anymore.

When God arrives … Power is available – weakness abandons the premises.

When God arrives … Holiness becomes attractive – wickedness becomes abhorrent.

When God arrives … Love becomes the norm – hatred cuts and runs.

When God arrives … Mercy shows up – unforgiveness moves out permanently.

Is there anything that we presently have that is better

than what God makes available to us when He enters the picture?

Under any circumstances, is stumbling around in the dark better than having light? Is hopelessness to be preferred over hope? Are we really going to miss joyless days? Won’t we breathe easier when friction is replaced by peace?

Need we go on? What God brings are all things we desperately need and at the deepest levels that for which we hunger. Ignore culture’s ads for things you neither want nor need. Quit outfitting your life at the 99 Cent Store.

The prophet Isaiah asks a pointed question: Why spend money on what is not bread, and your labor on what does not satisfy?” Isaiah 55:2 NIV

Only God can provide life with quality. He not only doesn’t make junk, but doesn’t give junk either. His promise is life – abundant life. If that’s not what’s on your life’s pantry shelves invite God in to clear the space to make room for the incredible gifts He always brings when He arrives!


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