It’s Preposterous!


Don’t expect easy assignments from a God this big!


What if God says something preposterous to you? What if He expected something of you that was totally absurd and almost laughable? What if his instructions were totally unreasonable and outrageous?

Guess what! When God talks and we listen, we can almost be assured that what He says will be preposterous.

And it has to be that way. When we put our limited knowledge alongside his ‘all knowing,’ what can we expect? When He speaks from his unlimited power and we’re hampered by extremely limited strength, can’t we expect a disconnect? When He is addressing us from a knowledge of the future and we’re stuck on today, isn’t there a good chance that his words would rock our world?

But out of our willingness to be outraged by God come miracles we didn’t see coming. Like:

  • Elijah told to command the rain to stay away, then move to a forested brook to be fed by birds. (I Kings 17)
  • Inviting Peter to walk across water to him. (Matthew 14)
  • Instructing Moses to tell water to stack up. (Exodus 14)
  • Asking the disciples to feed their 1/12th of 5,000 people with less than a plateful of food. (Mark 6)
  • Telling Abram to leave everything familiar, pack up all he owned and begin walking to a place he’d never heard of before. (Genesis 12)
  • Giving Noah the task of building a monstrous boat far from the nearest water in anticipation of a flood. (Genesis 5)

None of the above made any sense at all … to us!

However, expecting God to speak to us in any other way than ‘preposterously’ would be preposterous in itself! For God to limit himself to our knowledge and power would turn him into something far less than we need and were designed to worship. We need a God whose word to us pushes, propels, stretches and emboldens us.

He comes to us to make us more than presently are … to do far more than we presently are capable of … to offer us strength and ability that we presently lack.

This week, don’t go looking for a god who asks small things, who is only capable of using the strength that you possess. Your God is a great and awesome God and responding to his preposterous instructions will begin the most intense, exciting journey you can (possibly) imagine!

 “I have strength for all things in Christ Who empowers me;

I am ready for anything and equal to anything through

Him Who infuses inner strength into me;”

Philippians 4:13 Amplified Bible

A message wee need to read again… from January 18, 2015

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