‘Family’ For Everyone

  “God sets the solitary in families;” Psalm 68:6 NKJV  While praying for my immediate and extended family this morning I began to mentally list what ‘family’ has added to my life. fellowship and love patience and understanding rebuke and correction safety and security times of fun and adventure forgiveness and grace The list could […]


Your Diet Plan

  You’d understand that a man whose earliest memories recall Scandinavian potlucks in the church basement eating Swedish meatballs, hard rolls and cheese … who still remembers names and locations of favorite restaurants in places he hasn’t lived in three decades … who has been on a perpetual diet since 1980, would find great solace […]

fire, water, tongue

Water, Fire, Tongue

    Water – it can sooth and refresh the spirit as it gurgles quietly in a nearby stream. Or the unlimited horizon of the ocean can provide a picture perfect sunset in a Hawaiian vacation. Water gives life to drought-stricken plants and trees and satisfies the thirst of the world’s thirsty billions. But fed […]


Extraordinary Communication

  Holding my ubiquitous little iPhone in my hand, it’s hard to remember the old days when people were smart and phones were dumb. But obviously some people were smart because they invented the ‘smart phone.’ Gone are the days when you would call your girl friend (VAnderbuilt 4-5221) and talk endlessly staring at the […]