You don't need extraordinary strength - you've got an extraordinary God. His strength is more than enough!

The ‘Lostsa People Syndrome’

  There is a bold, outright lie that many Christians believe and can affect the outcome of our present battle with evil’s attempt to destroy our world. Here it is: “If we don’t represent an overwhelming majority, we can’t make a difference. We must have consensus!”  It’s called the ‘Lotsa People Syndrome.’ It denigrates the […]

We're never safer or more secure than in the presence of our Father. He's the only One who promises that we'll get through the storm.


  Places. All the places in our personal history are recorded in the nooks and crannies of our minds and souls. Good places, scary places, pleasant places… they’re all bookmarked. There is a ‘place’ on Highway 97 in southern Oregon where we crested a mountain pass in a nighttime blizzard with virtually no visibility. The […]