Heaven’s Water Distribution Program

  We seldom give these nozzles any thought, but they are a trusted helper in delivering water around our yards. A different nozzle outlet for vastly differing needs. Kind of wish I were receiving royalties monthly for coming up with this handy hose companion. Using the wrong outlet can produce sad results; like watering your […]

God's Voice

A Tribute

  I seldom know who I am writing to. Often it is to a generic group (a message that could fit almost everyone). Other times I am writing to issues – hopelessness, sadness, fear, confusion or discouragement. I usually have no idea of how my words are being received. I know that some of these […]

God's Voice

Hey Siri!

  I should have been cautious following this woman’s directions, I really should have been. I had previously conducted this discussion with her: “Hey Siri, what is current water level in Coeur d’ Alene Lake since the snow melt?” Her immediate response was, “The distance between Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is […]

God's Voice

God’s Got This. Trust Him

  God superintends the farthest, unknown reaches of the cosmos, while superintending the most tiny particles! Are your issues somewhere in between these two extremes?  In 1983 Tom Joyner moved to Dallas to become morning host at KKDA-FM. He had been a radio host for several years. Two years later, he was offered an afternoon […]

God's Voice

Trust God’s Keeping Power

  I believe the moral calamity in America and those permitting it and strengthening it seems hopeless – but I also believe that the growing breath of God’s revival fires flaring throughout our country are real. I view them not as contradictory but as counter-parts to each other. Both will be pulling in opposite directions. […]

How many friends or family members could you address this to? If too few, work on it.

Can We Get Along?

  “It is truly wonderful when the people of God  live together in peace.” Psalm 133:1 CEV CAUTION!!! This devotional may bother some of you! My immediate family is responsible for the posting of this ‘poking and prodding’ message. Honest… it isn’t my fault. All I was doing was reading through my 1973 edition of […]