But Wait … There’s More!

But wait!
But wait … there’s more!

Who hasn’t seen it. While yawning your way through one of your favorite Christmas movie reruns a smiling, energetic man in a chef’s hat appears. And has he got a deal for you!

It begins with a Watzui titanium kitchen knife with jewel-encased handle studded with tanzanite chips. He demonstrates its ability to slice a toothpick into 148 identical slivers. You get the feeling that you could leave it on the counter overnight with your vegetables and it will cut, garnish and arrange your veggie tray while you sleep.

But there’s more! If necessary this knife can be used to cut out studs in a remodel project … gut a moose … or even cut a work boot in half (although there’s never an explanation of why anybody would want to do this!)

And as you reach for the phone to order, you hear those incredible words “But wait … there’s more!” Your heart pounds as you find you will not only get this knife for $14.99 plus shipping and handling, but will receive a second knife thrown in (plus shipping and handling). You can scarcely hold the phone in your trembling hand as you hear the final clincher: “The first 200 to call will also receive a $450 Kitchen Aid mixer and a chance to win a year-long vacation for eight to Cancun.”

Yeah, sure.

With such enticing competition I almost feel sorry for God at this time of the year. He, too, offers incredible deals. As the original manufacturer, producer and distributor for things like Peace, Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Contentment and dazzling eternity-long living, He often is lumped in with the late night barkers.

And it’s a shame, because his offers are not ‘bait and switch’ tactics. He doesn’t promise what He can’t deliver. His product line is of highest quality and the quantities are never limited.

And when He says, “But wait … there’s more” there really is! He’s the Giver who promised “infinitely more than we might ask or think.” Ephesians 3:20 New Living Translation

You may be able to conceive of a sharp kitchen knife and you may even be able to conceive of a long, relaxing vacation to a place with sun and beaches. But you can’t conceive the kind of gifts God wants to place into your life this season.

Trust Him. Not the guy in the chef’s hat on TV …and enjoy the journey.


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