God And The Waiting Game

God is waiting
Don’t keep God waiting!

“So the Lord must wait for you to come to him
 so he can show you

his love and compassion.
 For the Lord is a faithful God.

Blessed are those who wait for his help.”

Isaiah 30:18 New Living Translation

 I picture God as the original ‘Mover and Shaker.’ Aside from the seventh day of creation where He rested there seems to be constant movement – perpetual involvement in his creation. It’s not that He’s restless. He’s busy.

His workload is staggering (to anyone else) and his agenda involves everybody and everything … all the time.

The thought of Him playing the waiting game doesn’t quite compute. God tapping his foot? Checking his watch? Having to wait for anything? This King who commands and it must be? He’ the action – not the reaction.

So what  has Him playing ‘the waiting game?’

It’s us.

God has some valuable things to add to our lives, but we’re often too busy to stop long enough to receive them. And it’s not just a quick hug and a wink that He has for us. Oh no … the verse above says that He wants to demonstrate his love to us. He wants to pour his grace into our lives.

At this point in Isaiah’s story, God is speaking to his people. They’re making their plans, not following his plans. They see a quick trip to Egypt as the answer to the problems in their lives. Life has gotten so bad that they feel they need protection and that Pharaoh is their solution.

He says to them, “Anyone stupid enough to trust them (the Egyptians) will end up looking stupid … “  Isaiah 30:5 The Message

 Am I also stupid enough to be putting my trust in ‘them?’ Does a more secure portfolio promise more security than my Father’s love and provision?  Does the surface affection of others with their insincere flattering really satisfy more than the deep genuine love of my Heavenly Father? Can broken promises, false fidelity, pressured schedules and disappointment after disappointment ever compete with God’s favor, love, peace, joy and unbroken companionship?

Until we answer that question and assign the right answer to it God must wait. Let the prophet Isaiah tell us what he told Israel those many years ago: “God’s not finished. He’s waiting around to be gracious to you. He’s gathering strength to show mercy to you.” Isaiah 30:18 The Message

 This week, don’t make God wait any longer. Although He’s very busy, He has both the time and desire to meet with you.


Enjoy the journey!

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