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Trusting God In The Delays – Part 3

  The waiting rooms of life are filled with impatient people! We hate waiting for red lights, slow traffic, upcoming vacations, unhurried baristas, and mysteries that don’t reveal the culprit until the last page. We dislike waiting for Christmas when it’s only August and fuming as we wait to be connected to an actual person […]

How long?

The ‘How Long?’ Question

  Sitting by the hospice-provided hospital bed in the living room of friends, the wife looked at her failing husband as he fought life’s last battle … and asked a question she knew did not have an obvious answer: “He’s ready to go, but why does God delay?” Why, indeed. Throughout Scripture we find the […]


Playing the Waiting Game

    Ever had one of those days when you start with such enthusiasm, strength and determination that it’s sometime after lunch when you realize that God hasn’t caught up with you. “Why can’t He keep up? What’s He doing back there?” you wonder as you look back over your shoulder. The truth is … He […]