Heavenly Fathering


First Steps

There’s a Father if and when we need him.

They are memories that not only linger, but gain in value through the years.

Our firstborn’s first steps. Held up by my wife from behind, his legs wobbly as he looked ahead at me. I must have seemed miles away. Yet it was only an arm’s length.

And then our second son’s first solo on a two-wheel bike … without the training wheels. I already knew that the balance required had now been gained. I’d seen the increasing times that both outrigger wheels were off the ground at the same time and knew that he was capable as I loped behind, hand on the seat, giving encouragement even as my unseen hand turned loose. He would eventually ride a unicycle quite well … which didn’t surprise me.

Throughout the formative years there was parental guidance, encouragement and at times correction; all designed to launch those sons into a future they couldn’t even imagine. The job of a parent is not just feeding, clothing and housing. Oh no! It’s preparing them for life … for the difficult times that require perseverance … for the confusing times that require wisdom … for the happy times that bring perspective. It’s a highly comprehensive job being a parent.

It’s in times of reverie like this that I most appreciate a Heavenly Father who has been parenting me since my spiritual infancy. In those frightening times of stepping out into the unknown, He’s never been more than an arm’s length away.

In launching into new adventures He has carefully prepared me and knew when He could take his hand off and let me safely steer my own craft … knowing that at any time should my loss of balance put me in danger He could and would be by my side in an instant.

Even as my two sons have made me proud and thankful and very happy, I want to please my Father as well. I want to respond correctly to his parenting, knowing that He is preparing me to fulfill the destiny He knew was mine.

This week, look forward and peer into your future. Then thank him that He has been preparing you with purpose and care to make sure you get there!


“I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters,

says the Lord Almighty.” II Corinthians 6:18 NIV



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