A Tactical What …?


tactical flashlight

Which will defend you the best?


I don’t own a gun for protection for the same reason I quit using my table saw. I don’t want to go to heaven accidentally.

I know I’d sleep more confidently knowing there was a loaded pistol nearby. The trick would be waking up quickly and being awake enough to know where the danger is, where the gun is and which way it’s facing when I finally find and pull the trigger!

So imagine my great relief when I heard of a weapon that won’t hurt me as I protect myself. It’s the ‘tactical flashlight’. That’s right, a flashlight.

Now before you laugh the idea out of the room, here’s the rationale. I am awakened by footsteps coming down the hall. It’s just my wife and I in the house and she is sleeping soundly beside me … so it must be a predator wanting our vast hoards of silver, gold and old books of S & H green stamps.

I grab the flashlight from the nightstand and wait for the intruder to stick his head around the corner, take aim and send 700 lumens of blazing light right into his unsuspecting eyes.

Then, while he helplessly flounders around, holding on to walls after laying is gun on the floor so he won’t shoot himself in his blindness, I run to the garage looking for duct tape or rope or bungee cords. Upon reentering the house, I secure the intruder and calmly call 911.

I’m memorizing those steps so I’m prepared.

Hope you can tell I’m having fun with this whole subject. But there is a spiritual parallel that I can appreciate in the ‘light as a weapon’ concept. Psalm 119:130 says, “The entrance of Your words gives light;” New King James Version 

There is a real intruder to dispel. The Bible declares that he sneaks in to “steal and kill and destroy.” John 10:10  It’ll take more than a flashlight and duct tape to deal with him. As Jesus used the Word to defeat Satan when he was attacked, so we must rely on the power of God’s Word to repel the agenda and attacks of our enemy.

This week make sure you get into the Word so the Word can get into you. God will direct you to Scriptures you will need in your fight against any enemy advance aimed at you.

The Word of God in your heart beats a flashlight on the nightstand!


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