Whose Words?


Your words can add to either the problem or to the solution.

If Jesus were to speak to the issues of people today … if He were to attempt to offer them hope and an answer to the questioning heart, would he rehash yesterday’s monologue from a political analyst?

Would He quote a famous philosopher or offer the collected conventional wisdom of a recent poll?

I seriously doubt it. He simply wasn’t into pushing air around when he spoke.

But what about us? How many of our 15-20,000 words spoken daily into the lives of those around us are hearsay, guesses, prognostications of experts in theory only?

How often do we reuse the tired dialog of well meaning but clueless people? We turn off the news and spend the next hours rehearsing what we have just heard, especially the stuff we agree with.

A couple of years ago I was challenged by the following words (I do listen when I’m at church!) “Your greatest ministry is the presence you bring to others from having been with Jesus.”

I was convicted, not so much from discussing current events and speaking up for common sense, but for failing to include the words of Jesus – for ignoring spiritual principles that could help in our current narratives.

The solution to being able to offer words that actually help … words that lead to life … words that produce solutions instead of more evaluation of the problem is to spend time in the presence of Jesus. Learn his heart and hear his words. He not only tells the truth, He is truth. He not only recommends ways, but is the Way. He not only speaks of life as we may remember it to be, but is actually Life today.

When you come into somebody’s life and you’ve just been with Jesus, they’re going to hear more than just your opinion or what someone in government thinks. They’ll not get stuck with your repeated words of clichés but will be exposed to God’s life-altering Spirit.

The words you speak this week will either emphasize the problems or begin to offer solutions. No politician or party platform can offer us what Jesus can. And you can begin to spread that news!

… reject all falsehood [whether lying, defrauding, telling half-truths, spreading rumors, any such as these], and speak truth each one with his neighbor, …”

Ephesians 4:25 Amplified Bible

This is our responsibility and our privilege.





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