Dusting For God’s Fingerprints

God's fingerprints

Look back and see how many times God has left his fingerprints all over your life.


Have you ever ‘dusted for God’s fingerprints’ in your life? Ever looked to see God’s hand in your history?

Israel traced God’s interaction with them through celebrations woven into their religious traditions. After the amazing Red Sea escape, they were taught a song to remind them of God’s intervention in their lives. (Exodus 15). The feasts God instituted all revealed that his hand had been all over their history.

As they crossed the Jordan River into their new homeland, Joshua commanded twelve rocks to be stacked on the shore as another memorial to God’s miracle.

Look at your own history to stay in touch with this ‘hands on’ God you follow. It will cement God’s personal care deeply in your heart.

I recall as a ten-year-old with a serious heart issue, standing with my Dad awaiting our visit with the doctors to discuss how this would curtail my future. My father laid his hand on my shoulder and asked God to heal my heart. He did … and it’s still working just fine.

As a fourteen-year-old boy in 1957 I took the train home to Chicago after a summer in Minnesota with my aunt and uncle. The same week-end Joanie, my wife, decided to return to her Des Plaines, Illinois home after visiting her older sister and family. We arrived at the Methodist Camp Grounds on the last Saturday of August, (a 14 year old boy and a 12 year old girl) and began what has been an incredible journey of over 61 years (married happily for over 55 of them!)

And a third ‘fingerprint of God’ that is etched in my mind as strong and obvious as a billboard along the highway is a place on Interstate 70, coming down the mountains into the Denver area when my weary eyes left the highway for about four seconds to change the radio dial and we were off the road and heading toward the divider – then back up almost into a van before regaining control and with fast beating heart acknowledging that God was an integral part of that rescue.

This week, chronicle the ‘fingerprints of God’ in your life. Track his care, his planning, his rescues. Look for evidences of his mercy and kindness … even when you took your eyes off the road and got yourself into harm’s way.

God is at work in our lives … recognize Him and praise Him for his nearness.

“If God gives such attention to the wildflowers, most of them never even seen,

don’t you think he’ll attend to you, …”Luke 12:28-38 The Message





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