Are Facts Enough?

Trusting God

When you can’t, He can. When you don’t see, He does. Trust Him!


When Jesus told his disciples to feed 5,000 plus people, the fact was they didn’t have a food plan nor the food to pull it off. In fact, the only food at their disposal was a boy’s sack lunch.

But the facts weren’t all there was to this story!

When Gideon went to battle the facts were heavily stacked against him. They faced 400 to one odds and had only clay pitchers covering blazing torches and horns to blow.

But the facts weren’t all there was to this story, either!

When Daniel, knowing the king’s prohibition to pray to anyone other than the king and knowing that doing so would send him to the lion’s den … the facts were less than encouraging.

But, again, the facts weren’t all there was to this story!

On and on in Scripture, we see that God often ignores the facts because He’s bigger than the facts. He can use what’s there … or not! It’s when He goes beyond what we can see – when He jumps over our inabilities with his abilities – when He continues the story after we’ve placed a ‘period’ after our minds and hearts give out … that’s his special territory.

So how about you? What facts stare you in the face and twist your gut and leave you feeling that what you see is all you’re going to get. Period. You may have been told to just face it and don’t expect some kind of miracle.

But God is the God of the miraculous. The Psalmist said, “You are the God who works wonders; you have made known your might among the peoples.” Psalm 77:14 ESV

It brings God glory to do for you what you can’t do for yourself. He loves making ‘more than enough’ out of nothing. He takes great delight in expanding resources, revealing things not presently seen and telling the enemy to move back and move out!

What do you need to turn over to the God of unlimited possibilities? What burden needs to be transferred on to his mighty shoulders? You walk with the Miracle Worker. Take courage and allow him to work on your behalf.

“I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?”

 Jerimiah 32:27 NIV



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