It’s Always Safe…

It’s always safe to trust the Lord… always the first and best reaction to any difficulty.


Vindicate me, O Lord, for I have walked in my integrity;

 I have [relied on and] trusted [confidently] in the Lord 

without wavering and I shall not slip.” Psalm 26:1 AMP


  • What’s a person to do when health fails? It’s always safe to trust the Lord!
  • What do you do when maliciousness comes from a former friend? It’s always safe to trust the Lord!
  • What can you do when your political view has driven a wedge between yourself and people you love? It’s always safe to trust the Lord!
  • What if your emotional tank has leaked and you’re left with startling depression? It’s always safe to trust the Lord!
  • What if there’s not enough finances to get you through this month? It’s always safe to trust the Lord!
  • What’s to be done when you can’t figure out what God is doing in your life? It’s always safe to trust the Lord!
  • What are you to do when there have been too many gray days and not nearly enough sunshine to sustain you? It’s always safe to trust the Lord!

Are you picking up on a common theme here?

If God is who we claim Him to be… who He has promised to be… and who He has always proved Himself to be… then trusting Him is the first step we must take when our world isn’t as we feel it should be.

It’s not that we can’t and shouldn’t do additional things beside trusting God. BUT NOTHING ELSE WE DO CAN ACCOMPLISH WHAT TRUSTING GOD’S GREAT HEART AND INTENTIONS CAN.

When we’re lonely and isolated we can seek out friendships or renew old ones. We can finesse our financial dilemma, speak kindly to the malicious friend. We can open our hearts and minds to seek God’s will when confused. We can speak to ourselves in Psalms and spiritual songs to lift our downturned emotions… but we can never do anything more powerful than trust explicitly in our Heavenly Father!

Only He knows precisely what needs to happen next in our lives. As the saying goes “Even if you can’t trace his hand, you can always trust his heart!”

Sometimes when things are falling apart…

they may actually be falling into place.


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God’s best to you in this joyous Christmas season!





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