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God's presence

People Of The Presence

  “Our greatest ministry is the presence we bring to others from having been with Jesus.” Since all of us are theologically and practically ‘in the ministry’ we could all learn an important lesson from this statement. Whether we teach school, fix cars, work in IT, are retired or take a salary from work within […]


For Heaven’s Sake, What On Earth Are You Doing?

    “For heaven’s sake, what on earth are you doing?” Sounds like a Mom question as you prepare to depart for school in the middle of a Chicago winter wearing a tee shirt, shorts and flip flops. Then she would probably ask: “Are you serious? What are you thinking? Are you thinking?” Then the […]


Spiritual Jitters

  “Spiritual Jitters”: a temporary condition brought on by reduced trust. This results in high blood pressure, tremors, racing heart rate and often questions without reasonable answers. Only known antidote is renewed trust. Picture the disciples, observers to miracle after miracle. They had seen blind eyes open before their astonished eyes. They had seen demons […]


From Mess To Message

  God has had some outstanding messengers to deliver his messages to man. Back in the Old Testament he had his prophets … men and women beyond bribe or threats. They delivered his dispatches in powerful, sometimes strange, but always clear ways. The New Testament had some spectacular oracles as well. Listen to Peter preach […]