The (heart) Beat Goes On!

The heartbeat continues

The beat goes on … A previously published devotional from 2013


It’s scary what a ‘list person’ can find important enough to chronicle. I’ve made lists of people to pray for (good list), flights taken over six decades (dubious value) and even restaurants that I’ve eaten at (even I can’t see value in this one!)

My curiosity also causes some intellectual hopscotch at times. I will Google for an answer to a legitimate question and then follow rabbit trails that end up in empty rabbit holes. For instance, my search for the political climate of an area where some of my favorite missionaries serve can eventually lead me to Thrifty ice cream’s most popular flavor during the winter months!

I find myself asking myself, “How did I get here?” But occasionally trivia leads me to a reflective moment with spiritual implications.

Like today.

I was taking my blood pressure and wondered how many times my heart beat in a day. (115,200) How about in a year? (42,048,000). And up to this point in my life? (an amazing 2,932,317,000 give or take several million!)

My heart beat for the first time twenty two days after my mother became pregnant with me. At its first beat it was the size of a poppy seed and has since grown into the first sized organ that has literally never stopped for almost 3 billions beats!

My amazement at this astounding creation residing in my chest had to give way to the Creator who put it there and superintends and services it daily. For my heart gets to rest between every beat, but the God who also dwells in me never has that luxury.

The Psalmist reminded Israel that their Guardian God never slumbers or sleeps. (Psalm 121:4) So from the time God nudged that seed-sized cell into motion sometime in mid-September 1942, He has been on duty watching over it and the body it lives in. It’s beat incredibly fast like when I met the twelve year old girl who would one day be my wife, to slow and leisurely as I’ve reclined on the beaches of Maui.

This week I owe it to the Creator to be more impressed by his constant care than by the equipment He placed within me that reveals his thoughtful attention.

May you experience breathtaking joy as you journey!

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