What If?

If God places an open door of opportunity before you, the next move is yours!


It was more than a decade ago that I began reminding God of my age and effective time of ministry possibly left to me. A bit of ‘trying-to-squeeze-as-much-as-I-could’ into any time I had left. Kind of pathetic as I look back on it.

I knew and truly believed that God had all of me, knew my heart and was attuned to my concerns. He had it all marked out, from date of birth to the other number!

About that time, I happened upon a song, written by Pastor Shaun Craig and sung by the Gaither Vocal Band. It impacted me profoundly.

The lyrics say that ‘beyond the open door is a new and fresh anointing, hear the Spirit calling you to go.’ It then assured that ‘the Lord will go before you into a greater power you’ve never known before.’ I must have listened to that song 50 or more times, often with tears in my eyes.

I believed God has led me since then and I firmly believe his leading is going to get  more exciting!

Let me ask you several questions.

  • What if God is up to something so big, so all encompassing, destined to impact the entire world… and He is inviting you to work that project with Him?
  • What if in the turmoil of our day with people’s hope virtually extinct, you were given enough hope to share with those around you?
  • What if God doesn’t see you as a spectator or even a ‘bench-sitter’ but envisions you as a starter on his team?
  • What if God replaced the lethargy you may be feeling with a bold new enthusiasm for a life directed by his Holy Spirit?
  • What if Holy Spirit could put the words in your mouth to interact with hurting people in a way that cuts clear through to their hearts… convincing them that God is real and really loves them?
  • What if you discovered that your career has always been meant by God to be the launching point into the lives, hurts and confused people you work with?
  • (Hang on for this one!) What if you sensed God asking you to pray for someone with a physical need and as you prayed a simple prayer of faith over them… they were healed?

What indeed? He could turn your life upside down to enable you to turn others’ lives around.

There is an open door before you. Believe it and look for it, because just beyond that door, God Himself will accompany you into life as you’ve never experienced it.

“For God is working in you, giving you the desire

and the power to do what pleases him.”

Philippians 2:13 NLT

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