God’s Anatomy – His Ears (and speed)

God’s hearing is exceptional… his ears pick up every call we make to Him, even the inaudible ones. When you need Him, his speed getting to you can be amazing.


Crazy title, huh?

This will be our final devotional on God’s Anatomy but I wanted to squeeze one more attribute with a final look at how fast God can move. (The two components will add about 2 minutes to reading time…)

First, how well does God hear us? Jeremiah 33:3 God tells us to call on Him and He will show us things we didn’t know. In Isaiah He says “…before they call, I will answer.” In Luke 11 God promises that if we ask, it will be given to us. And further, He promises that his ears are open to our prayers.

Never doubt that when you pray and ask, you have ‘God’s full attention.’

However, God does have selective hearing at times. In Psalm 66 17-20 He warns that if we close our eyes to sin in our lives, He will not hear or respond to our prayers. So, keep your heart open and you’ll always find his ears are open as well.

Now my 54th devotional named “God’s Speed” written many years ago. I trust it will give you security and hope in your journey with Him.

I was a teen when the sound barrier was broken by Chuck Yeager. The speed of sound intrigued me greatly, but then my interest turned to the speed of light. At 186,000 miles per second,  33 round trips between Los Angeles and New York City would occur in one short second! And in the time taken to read to this point in the devotional, light would have made that scenic round trip over 2,000 times!

But even at that speed, travel through the expanse of God’s creation would take a serious bite out of your accrued vacation time.

Want to visit Pluto, one of nine planets orbiting our sun? Take a lunch because it’s a six hour trip at light’s speed. How about visiting our closest star (Proxima Centauri)? That will require about four years and three months. Travel to the nearest large galaxy (Andromeda) would require time off from work in the amount of 2,200,000 years. And to get to the most distant parts of our universe…traveling at 186,000 miles per second…would take close to 15 billion years. (And who knows if that really is creation’s border, or simply as far as we can detect at the moment?)

Now here’s where I’m devotionally challenged this week. Where is God in all of this? Where does He reside? And from where He lives, how long does it take Him to get to me when I really need Him? Scripture tells me that He ‘inhabits eternity’ so I know He lives outside the boxes that we call ‘time and space’. So, when my world caves in …when circumstances have stopped the clock in its tracks… when up seems down and everything is turned on its side…and I desperately need God to come quickly…all the equations relating to time, distance and speed become meaningless. I can’t judge his travel time by either sound or light. He comes to me at ‘the speed of love.’ And the human mind will never be able to grasp that speed!

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