God’s Got This. Trust Him

God has a lot to care for, but He sent His Son to redeem us!


God superintends the farthest, unknown reaches of the cosmos,

while superintending the most tiny particles!

Are your issues somewhere in between these two extremes?

 In 1983 Tom Joyner moved to Dallas to become morning host at KKDA-FM. He had been a radio host for several years. Two years later, he was offered an afternoon show at WGCI-FM in Chicago. Instead of choosing between the two, Joyner took the Chicago afternoon position while staying at the Dallas station for his morning show. For eight years (1985–1993) he hosted the morning commute in Dallas, then flying to Chicago for the evening commute. He became known as “The Hardest Working Man in Radio”.

Fascinating story, but I’ll tell you Who has a broader job to superintend… God does!

God’s chosen career carries Him from the end of His creation to the other. The journey to one end would take us about 46.5 billion light years to get there, moving along sprightly at a little over 186,000 miles per second.

Now I know many of you don’t like these kinds of big numbers… they hurt your head. But stay with me because the other end of God’s superintending goes from grand distances to very small ones. According to Psalm 139, God does some of His best work as He combines a sperm and an egg to produce life and then gives direction to that embryo through His incredible use of DNA.

As He’s working on each baby, the identical cells keep dividing until there are billions of them. Then, at His command, dividing cells begin moving in different directions… for instance, one cell heading to what is becoming the cornea… the other making tracks to become part of a toenail. It’s astounding and could take thousands of pages to describe further. (Richard Swenson: More Than Meets The Eye, Navpress. 2000)

But since we are invited to become God’s children, isn’t it reasonable to assume God would take as much care of us as He does the rest of His creation? And wouldn’t we assume that He has plans to take us through tough times and moral decline and insurrections by Satan’s hordes? Can’t we trust a God this big and this amazing to bring us through difficult and harrowing times? I’m convinced we can trust Him with our lives and get us into the future He planned for us.

His resume positively guarantees that He’s fully able and willing to take care of those who are His!.

“The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you;

he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid;

do not be discouraged.” Deuteronomy 31:8 NIV

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