A Tribute

A tribute to those whose secret prayers are changing this world!


I seldom know who I am writing to. Often it is to a generic group (a message that could fit almost everyone). Other times I am writing to issues – hopelessness, sadness, fear, confusion or discouragement. I usually have no idea of how my words are being received.

I know that some of these weekly writings may not mean as much to you than to others. I just pray every Monday that someone who needs this particular message will find it.

But today I have a ‘bulls eye’ posted over a very select group of believers. I know who they are and what they do. My prayer is that they will inspire you to begin doing what they do.

I will not name them publicly, although I certainly could and would love to. But they shun recognition. Their contribution to God’s Kingdom outweighs their desire for others to recognize who they are and what they do. They work in unseen places.

Their ministry is often costly to them in time given and burdens carried silently but graciously for others. What they do takes place in hidden places, far from adoring ‘fans.’ Their pictures don’t show up even in Christian periodicals. They would feel cheapened and embarrassed if they did.

Of all of us in the Body of Christ, their pay is paltry compared with the slaps on the back, fellowship halls named after them and thankful awareness of the critical part they play in God’s plan for His Kingdom. They’re fine with that.

Not until we all stand humbly before God and are given the rewards of our labors… will we fully understand. Most were nameless to us, and we may not have realized they went to our church. We had no idea what they did for the King and that it mattered so much to Him.

But on that day of celebration, while we all await our names being called and our lives and ministries lauded, we will have to stand back while these nameless and virtually unknown, humbly come forth from their closets of intercession, from their simple and often lonely lives of sacrifice and faithfulness, and they are crowned as the men and women God considers His ‘A-Team.’

I believe they will be the first to hear “Well done, good and faithful servants.” And it will come from the King who will speak those words with immense pride and eternal gratitude for they carried many battles few others knew about.

The rest of us don’t have to know their names. But God does, and wishes He had more like them!

“And I sought for a man among them, that should

make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me

for the land, that I should not destroy it:

but I found none.” Ezekiel 22:30 KJV

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