An Oboe In The House

We all need to stay on pitch and only One has the true tone we must carry through life

If you attend an orchestra production, you’ll find the orchestra in place, an empty conductor’s podium and the First Violinist standing beside his podium. He raises his violin and plays the evening’s first solo. It’s an extended pitch of the “A” note, and it’s a pretty significant solo at that. It may not sound like something you’d leave home and travel to hear, but it’s the note that all other instruments tune to… and guarantees harmony for the duration of the whole production!

This always happens… unless the orchestra is blessed to have an oboe among the instruments. In that case, the pitch of the oboe supersedes the violin’s importance as the same “A” note is played. The reason for the switch in instruments is that the oboe is the only instrument that cannot easily adjust its pitch and so the ‘one pitch only’ oboe plays a note that others emulate and the evening’s music can all take place with everyone ‘in tune.’

As believers, we have an Oboe in our midst as we attempt to bring beautiful music to those who listen for the music of our lives. This Oboist has the true “A” note for us to tune to and He cannot do otherwise. His is the only pure tone and He cannot and will not change His “A”  – it’s been producing the same pitch since before time began.

We often have a problem finding ‘our note’ from just any source, and when we do, there is discord at the highest and most annoying level.

As Christians living in these chaotic and stress filled times, our hearts must be attuned to the eternal “A” that is unwavering regardless of the times. God must set the standard we live (and perform by) if we are to stay protected and useful in His Kingdom.

  • He knows what ‘song’ the Church should be playing, singing and living
  • He knows what part of the score we are playing at any moment
  • He can slow us down or pull out all the stops and ‘raise the roof’
  • He can produce soft, welcoming and calming music when called for or
  • He can produce a thundering call to arms that propels us to victory

Don’t allow anyone or anything else to give you your directions in your walk with God. Let Him call the shots, arm you correctly and add you to his great army who are moving through the land bringing hope and freedom to all who ‘attend our concert.’

“Stay tuned” means more than hanging around!

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