I Need You More…

As life gets harder and more wicked, we need Jesus more than ever before.

This morning in worship we sang the song “I Need You More.” (Bethel Music & Kim Walker) Smith) I’ve sung it more times than I can remember and must have liked it because it came easily to my mind and heart.

The first seven words stopped me mid-sentence as I grabbed a pen and the back of the sermon notes. “I need you more, more than yesterday…” and there they stuck. Why? Because even though Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8) and I frantically hang on to that truth, today isn’t anything like yesterday.

  • Evil is worse today than it was yesterday
  • Discouragement has picked up speed in people all around me
  • Confusion has somehow tightened its grip on usually stable-minded folks
  • Lawlessness sucks more and more into its lifestyle
  • More people gave up their dreams today than ever before
  • Darkness deepens to solid black depths
  • Hopelessness has taken more out today than yesterday
  • We see more bullseyes painted on people we care for than we saw yesterday

And to be truthful, I feel a bullseye on by back at times. My mind moves closer to confusion and discouragement incrementally, my dreams seem unlikely to become reality and the evil around me keeps getting closer!

No wonder I stopped singing seven words into a song than previously I sang completely through without this spiritual epiphany.

I really do desperately need Jesus more than I needed Him yesterday!

I need his protection from the insidious attacks from the Forever Loser. He has no right to my life or my future. In confusion and discouragement, I really need Jesus to keep me full of His plan for my life, obtain His directions and experience His smile on my life.

I need the dreams He placed in me to reignite and charge my batteries with health and excitement. And I need the incredible brilliance of His light to chase every speck of darkness from my environment and give me clarity of sight for my future.

May we all depend on our Savior to bear the burdens of living in an environment alien to the Kingdom we all belong to… and to keep singing “I need you more today and I did yesterday!”

“… those who wait upon God get fresh strength.

They spread their wings and soar like eagles,

They run and don’t get tired,

they walk and don’t lag behind.”

Isaiah 40:31 MSG


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