How To Be More Than Religious

I was outside this afternoon vacuuming the grass in my backyard

OK, an explanation is in order. We live in the desert on acreage with at least a thousand jackrabbits and cottontails within hopping distance of our home. And, obviously they are partial to green growing grass over dried up tumbleweed. And as they eat (and there are many we host every night) they process what they eat at an alarming rate. Within a couple of weeks the pellets begin to drown out the grass.

So to cover the noise of the shop vac I had ear buds in listening to praise music. Oblivious to the world I was lending my not-too-great voice to some incredible vocalists and belting out a ‘sort of’ bass part.

That’s when I turned and saw my wife listening … and crying. She was taken by the pure worship she heard coming from her husband. She hugged me and told me how happy it made her feel to see me in the presence of the Lord.

She caught me doing something spiritual. Not something religious.

Over the years she has seen me being religious thousands of times. Speaking, leading a discussion, counseling a broken marriage, saying the things I’ve been trained to say and behaving in a manner befitting a ‘man of the cloth.’ But the unadorned worship she saw moved her in an entirely different way.

So how about you? How often does your wife and family see something other than the professional side of your calling? Do you pray together with honesty and vulnerability? Is there a healthy and growing relationship between you and Jesus that is noticeable and provides the security that your family deserves?

Don’t stop being religious, for much of the job requires it. But be sure the spiritual is there, too.

Paul Walterman
Fresh Heart Ministries
425 923 9000

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