Faithful When It Doesn’t Seem To Matter

60 Seconds of Pastoral Pondering

Here is a question that requires more than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response.

How much value are you assigning to this season of your ministry?

 I pose this question not knowing what season you may be going through right now. But a season it is. For you, the tide may be in … or it could be out. You may feel at the moment that everything you touch is turning to gold … or you may feel that you’ve lost your touch totally.

 I have labeled entire periods of my ministry as ‘wasted’ or at least ‘unproductive.’ And in so doing I believe I’ve done God a great disservice. For you see, we are partners in ministry and as long as I stay faithful to keep following and walking and going where He points … something Kingdom worthy must be happening. Even when I’m not fully aware of it.

 I’ve taken some liberties with the Scriptural phrase “It came to pass” and added the words “it didn’t come to stay.” That thought has brought me comfort and perspective in times when ministry wasn’t much fun and when I couldn’t see much of significance happening through my efforts.

We can forget that even when the tide is out and we’ve reduced speed as the vessel grinds across the almost exposed sand below us, there still is movement. And even when high centered on a sandbar and momentarily ‘dead in the water’ the promise of an incoming tide should get us thinking ahead … not concentrating on the lack of movement.

There is spiritual value to where you are at this moment. You may be teaching the flock how to be faithful when God’s blessings are flowing like Niagara. Or they may be learning from you how to hang on to faith and commitment and total trust as you navigate your way through a difficult period in your life. But you are teaching and they are learning!

The take-away from this: This season has spiritual value regardless of how you feel about it. Thank God for his presence and ask for his continued perspective. Thank him for his strength and ask him to help you use it wisely. Thank God for the varied topography in your ministry and ask him to help you scale every bit of it with the heart of a shepherd.

And remember … there can only be valleys if there are mountains nearby!


“I press on toward the goal … ” Philippians 3:14 ESV


Paul Walterman

Fresh Heart Ministries



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