Would You Rather …?

Would you rather … ?

There’s a strange party game popular right now. It’s called “Would You Rather” and it poses questions like:

– Would you rather be rich and ugly, or poor and good looking?

– Would you rather go without television or junk food for the rest of your life?

– Would you rather only be able to whisper or only be able to shout?

The questions are frustrating to anyone who likes a semblance of balance in his life. I can’t play the game because my mind refuses to go to either extreme, prompting me to ask, “Are those my only alternatives?”

But I have been pondering a similar question/conundrum lately myself. It goes something like this: Would I rather my life got exceptional MPG (Miles Per Gallon) or breathtaking MPH (Miles Per Hour)? In other words, is distance more important to me than speed? In the world of the automobile, getting both at the same time is difficult.

A car capable of going 150 miles an hour probably won’t pass up too many gas stations. And a car capable of achieving 50 miles per gallon probably won’t pass up too many other cars … let alone get you up an incline of more than 2%!

Does God play this game with us in our lives? Are speed or longevity our only choices? I like to believe that when we were being formed in the secret place of our mother’s womb that God gave us the capabilities of both. He built a gas tank in us that would give us the mileage to reach our intended finish line.

And through the empowering of his Holy Spirit we can have the appropriate speed for any part of our journey. We have ‘putt-putt power’ for those times when going slow and steady both fits his purpose and deals with our impatience. (Does it ever!) Yet when necessary we can break every speed record for our make and model. At those times we often feel like we’re barely able to hold on as God seems to pull speeds out of us that amaze us.

So this week, endeavor to work with God to match your speed and mileage with his intended plan for you. If He’s asking for slow and steady, quit revving your engine and rolling your eyes at him. And if his pace for you is far faster than you’re comfortable with, quit worrying about the mileage. There’s enough for the task. Just hang on and steer.

And enjoy the variety that following our God provides. No child of his should ever get bored!


May there be joy, speed and incredible mileage on your journey!


Paul Walterman

Fresh Heart Ministries

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